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Grey Seal- one of the best places to see them are the Farne Islands England


North Atlantic Grey Seals and Their Habitat .

Grey Seal Habitats

seal-pups Grey Seals, common around the coast of Scotland, fewer in number around the coast of England, often choose inaccessible offshore Islands to breed. What makes both the Farne Islands Northumberland and Treshnish Scotland so special is that they can both be reached with ease; from Seahouses Northumberland in the case of the Farnes, and from Mull on the West Coast of Scotland in the case of Treshnish.

Farne Islands

inner-farne Farne Islands- Northumberland. A group of low lying islands approx. 3 miles off the coast of Northumberland. 28 islands at low water, 16 islands at high water. Breeding home to many species of sea bird including- kittiwake, arctic tern, eider duck , guillemot, razorbill puffin. The Farnes are owned by The National Trust. In season frequent boast trips to watch the wildlife. A landing fee is payable.

Grey Atlantic seal pups born in November each year. Gain up to two lb. a day in weight. After only 6 to 8 weeks parents leave the pups to fend for themselves. Estimated 3000 to 4000 Grey Seals on Farne. Lifespan of 35 years. Bull seals 7 to 9 foot long. Cows speckled in colour and smaller than the bulls.

Photograph Grey Seal Pup Photos


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Wildlife Watching Safety Warning

boat-trip Watching wildlife, particularly in remote offshore locations does have its hazards, both in reaching the location, and then exploring it. You must take great care at all times. Cliffs are dangerous. Keep away from the edge and from sudden drops. Landing from and onto boats can be dangerous even in the hands of skilled careful skippers and crew. Wet grass, gangways and boardwalks can be slippery, paths may be loose, and unlikely to be maintained if made up at all. Wearing sensible clothing and footwear is advisable. Do not approach wildlife close up. Keep away from any livestock, which may be feral and not used to human presence. You visit such locations and watch wildlife solely at your risk and discretion. Take care and have an enjoyable time.

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