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roman-milecastle Hadrians Wall Stretching 73 miles from Wallsend on River Tyne to the Solway Firth. Began in AD122 after the Emperor Hadrian's visit to Britain, at a time when the Roman Empire was at its height. Construction took only 6 years by legionaries of the Roman Army. Standing up to 5 m high with milecastles at every mile, and between each milecastle two turrets. Great forts such as Housesteads, all protected by a series of ditches and banks known as the Vallum. Today one can explore the wall using the 81 mile long-distance National Trail. Popular with hikers on a Hadrians Wall Walking holiday and day visitors a like. Please do not walk on the Wall itself.

hadrians-wall There is lots of accommodation from Hadrians Wall bed and breakfast to cottages to hotels to youth hostels to camping.

Once completed the Wall was garrisoned by auxiliary soldiers of the Roman Army from the Provinces of the Empire. Such soldiers would become upon retirement after up to 25 years of service citizens and retire with either a lump sum or a grant of land. .

Hadrians Wall Walking Holiday

Even today the central section of the wall and the best preserved is a most impressive site in a beautiful landscape. Steel Rigg superb views as far as Crag Lough and along Peel Crags in the middle distance.


Peel Crags are popular with climbers, antlike when seen from a distance. Walltown Crags- in late spring the sound of curlew, and skylarks rising, hawthorn in blossom, sheep bleating . On a clear day far reaching views all round views, north towards Scotland. With a well preserved turret on the Crag's summit. Walk from the Car Park in the Quarry. Though the Quarrymen destroyed over 500 metres of wall , the quarry is long since disused and thanks to careful restoration nature is returning with orchids now growing, and ducks on the ponds. Ponds are deep so keep to the marked paths. Do not walk on the Wall itself.

Roman Army Museum

vindolanda-roman-army Visit the and Vindolanda Roman Fort Every summer excavations take place for those of you interested in the archaeology roman britain hadrians wall. Poltross Burn Milecastle, Nr Gilsland. one of the best preserved milecastles, Milecastle 48 ,on a bluff over looking the River Irthing, reachable down a path from the car park by the Old Railway Station. Also visible remains of Roman Bridge Abutment Some steps on the path.

Housesteads Roman Army Fort

housesteads-fort Housesteads, cared for by the National Trust and English Heritage, a half mile walk along a gravel path from the Car Park off the B Granary, latrines and gatehouses. Like the Wall itself constructed by legionaries from the Roman Army and the Roman Army Garrison manned by auxiliaries from Roman Provinces such as Germany. Outside the fort the remains of the civilian settlement can just be made out. A popular walk is from the fort west . Do not walk on the wall itself.


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